Super Cool Experience Days That Keep On Giving...

We all love experiences.Not the one's when you're told, "You'll learn from this young man" or turning up at the airport to find that your passport is out of date (Yep it happened).

I mean the cool ones, the ones that grab you by the proverbials and won't let go. My first proverbial happened a couple of years ago - I spent two days at a formula 1 motor racing experience day.It was incredible!

In the pit lane I saw the cars close up-they were huge. I smelt the aromatic burning tires and heard the high pitch squeals of the engines as they  screeched away at 0-200 km/hr- it was crazy.

I then had an awesome lunch,Champagne of course- don't you know,  and watched the incredible race from an amazing viewing area. For the cost of a cheap suit  I had something that would last a lifetime! I'm smiling now just thinking about it. That's the cool thing about gift experiences, they keep on giving (sorry for that)...unlike  cheap suits which give way...      


May 29, 2016 0 comments WRITTEN BY james
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