Anniversary Gifts :Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Experience Gift.

I love top 5 lists, it's such as an arbitrary figure.Why 5? Why not 6 or 7? Anyway for the sake of conformity, I shall continue with my top 5 list.

One of my previous blogs mentioned some research that was done in the place down south (USA). I'm sure most of you have read it but here's a link to experience gifts make you happy  . Very interesting stuff!  

The Top 5. 

1. They are not like a pair of green shiny trousers. Unlike green shiny trousers, TVs (What do you mean you don't have 4K?) and a whole host of other things,  experience gifts never go out of fashion. Memories stay with you, shiny trousers and non 4k TVs will probably not.  

I was going to add an image of me in a  pair of shiny  green trousers that I used to strut around town in, but I thought better of it!  

2. It's a gift that keeps on giving...and giving. We all have those special  holiday pictures, graduation videos, wedding pictures etc..How often do you get these out at any given opportunity? The beauty of these memories is that we forget the not so great stuff, and the good things the cool things are suddenly magnified ten fold. It's strange how our brains are wired.  


3. Great value for money. How much would you pay to relive an unforgettable past experience in real-time? That special  moment  when everything was just right. Such experiences are priceless. Imaging sipping a glass of fine champagne on board a private jet as you fly over the Rockies- now that's cool.( yes you can book it with us!)    


4. An experience shared is an experience doubled. Anniversary gifts that couples can do together are the way to go. Watching a great film, eating a fantastic meal, being chased by a bear are things which are much better done together than on your own. How about a helicopter ride over the Rockies followed by a romantic picnic?

5. We all love surprises. Imagine your partner opening up an envelope to reveal an experience they have always wanted to do? For the bikers why not get a Harley Davidson to hire for the weekend? Or a flying lesson that you can both enjoy? Or a pamper  weekend at an exclusive country retreat?

Not number 6. They say it's the thought that counts. And there's no better thought than giving an experience gift. And with so many to choose from your guaranteed to find the perfect one.                     

Is there something you have always wanted to do? Get in touch, maybe we can help.  

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    December 06, 2015 POSTED BY Sasha

    I love experience gifts - because they are also the gift of meaningful time with the giver :) And let’s face it, time is the most precious thing we have, right?