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On September 3rd the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum will open and will also begin offering helicopter tours from August 5 throughout the summer over one of the world’s densest dinosaur bone-bed sites.

The team at Lux Days are working hard to add a special dinosaur museum experience to our ever growing list of must do's! Watch this space.. 
Apparently the tours will showcase stunning aerial views of the museum, Pipestone Creek and Wapiti River, snaking through heavily wooded terrain to the mass gravesite of dinosaurs buried millions of years ago.

The 15-minute ride will include on-board tablets to provide layered information on the history and fossil finds in Pipestone Creek where there is an average of nearly 200 bones per square meter.

Spread across the size of a football field, two catastrophic floods millions of years ago created a mass grave where over 3000 bones have so far been recovered from an estimated hundreds of dinosaur herds.

It is also the site that revealed the first co-occurrence of insects in amber and dinosaur fossils that inspired many Hollywood blockbusters. We will keep you posted! 

Check out the video below.

 Dr Philip J Currie has a revolutionary theory that T-Rex were actually a pack hunting creature

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