Private Jet, Wine & Chocs.

  • 2 People
  • 40 Mins
  • Edmonton, AB

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Sometimes for an anniversary or special treat you have to do something a little different, well how about an exclusive flight on your own private jet.

This is the perfect anniversary, birthday or just because flying experience gift. Fly high over the Edmonton skies on a private Jet- the Navajo Chieftain.

The flight lasts around 40min, and what a 40mins it will be!

Sit back,enjoy the view, sip a glass or two of sparkling wine and feast on delicious strawberries dipped in luxurious chocolate. Don't forget your camera to capture this unique experience present in all it's glory- now that'll be an amazing picture for your Facebook page.

  • Duration 40min
  • Sparkling wine and Chocs included
  • Flights are based strictly on aircraft availability.Pick a time and date and give LuxDay a call to book.

Edmonton Airport-Private Facility. 

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