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  • Up to 6 Hour
  • Calgary,AB

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Paintball experiences for Men 

Win the war in this world-class recreational paintball field divided into 20 courses within 116 acres. Spend up to 6 hours playing private paintball in this amazing facility.

Includes an unlimited hot dog BBQ and crystal powdered drinks throughout. Open year round, including the winter months.

Use of outdoor paintball facility in Cochrane for up to 6 hours, including:

* Use of upgrade semi-auto marker (level 3) and 200 paintballs
* Full face paintball mask
* Clean camouflage coverall outfit and chest protector
* "All you can eat" hot dog BBQ and crystal powdered drinks


Full use of the paintball lodge with proper facilities for up to 6 hours

All day use of a semi-auto marker (level 1) & unlimited free compressed air refills

Full face paintball mask
Clean camouflage or white winter coverall outfit & chest protector (if required)
FREE all you can eat hot-dog BBQ & crystal powdered drinks.
Access to all 21 courses on 116 acres to rotate through and play private recreational paintball!

Open year round, including the winter months.

Participants must be 10 years of age or older for paintball.


Can we camp overnight at the facility?

There are several campsites just up Highway 40 close to our location. Check out (search for Cochrane, then Waiparous East Loop), , or for more camping information.

Can I bring a group and buy just one large amount of paintballs and share them with everyone in the group?

Yes you may buy a large amount of paintballs and share them with everyone in the group. However, please note that everyone in the group must start with at least the minimum 100 paintballs which costs $18. One option is to buy everyone but one person in the group the minimum 100 paintballs and then one person, typically the group leader, gets a large amount. For example 500 balls = $55, 1000 balls = $85, 2000 balls = $160. The group then shares the balls and splits the cost. All extra balls are then priced at a lower rate as the more paintballs you start with the less additional paintballs are later on.What can I expect to pay?

An entry fee is also payable per person. Then pick out your level of paintball gun (1 to 6) and your paintballs. For example, 125 paintballs are $20. Set a quota/limit per player if you are paying. The paintball guns are semi-automatic (which means every time you pull the trigger, the gun fires one ball) and therefore you control the output of balls. You can make paintballs last a long time or you can use them up quickly. 

Can I bring in my own paintballs?

No, outside paintballs are NOT allowed. Any groups caught using outside balls are automatically charged $50 each. Remember that you can reduce your paintball cost by originally buying a larger amount of paintballs from us. 

Do you sell the markers?

Yes, we sell limited amounts of new and pre-owned paintball markers. 

Do you refill compressed air?

We provide free compressed air for LuxDay clients. 

Are you open when the weather is bad?

Yes we're open regardless of weather even in rain, sleet or snow all year around. We have a house like a ski lodge to change and warm up in. Dressed properly, you can easily play in any weather conditions and have FUN. Always call before canceling. Just because the weather is bad in Calgary doesn't mean it is at our facility. Remember people ski on top of mountains so you can easily play paintball in the forest and trees as long as you are properly dressed.

What is the difference between the marker levels?

Basically, the higher the level of marker, the better it functions. This includes increased speed, accuracy as well as decreases the chance of marker issues or breakdowns.

Can I bring my own marker?

Yes, as long as your marker velocity is under 300 feet per second. We have chronographs to check all paintball marker speeds. Safety, safety, safety! 

What is the maximum rate of fire if I use my own marker?

15 balls per second (BPS) is the maximum rate of fire at our facility.

Can I bring my own safety equipment?

Absolutely, as long as it conforms to our safety standards. Ski goggles are not permitted to be used.

How old do you need to be to play paintball?

We suggest 10 years of age and up to play paintball. We have had many tough 8 and 9 year olds play, however, they must be aware that a hit from a paintball can have a bee sting effect sometimes. Kids that play hockey, soccer and/or lacrosse tend to enjoy paintball. For young groups we recommend that at least 2 adults play, one for each team. There are chest protectors and facemasks for everyone and all groups play privately unless they choose to join with others.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone who is playing must fill out a waiver. The oldest person tends to be the witness! Parents do not have to be the witness for their child. Any adult can be the witness and not be liable. 

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we don’t sell alcohol and alcohol is no longer allowed at our facility as per ALCB rules.

Do you sell food?

We offer a free unlimited hotdog barbeque and crystal powdered drinks all day long. We also sell chips, pop/soda, and chocolate bars. You are encouraged to make it a tailgate party and bring any additional food and/or drink you want such as burgers, steaks, pop, chips, cake, etc.

What is the best time/day to play?

If you are coming in the spring/summer note that Saturdays and Sundays are, by far, our busiest days. To avoid the crowds try to book Monday to Friday. If you are coming on a weekend, try to avoid the crowds by coming early (9 - 10 AM) or later (2 PM onwards) in the day. If you are playing during the fall or winter crowds are not near as big but please always prebook. 

What if I decide to play and it's a last minute thing?

Obviously the earlier you book the more likely you will get the exact time and date you want. However, we are large and almost always can find room even last minute so feel free to give us a call, even if it is the day of, and we can likely fit you in.

Can I play paintball during the winter?

We are open all year round, including the winter! Don’t let any negative weather scare you. You can still easily play and have a lot of fun, even in cooler conditions. We have a house to warm up in between games and the trees act as a canopy while you are playing. People ski on top of mountains so as long as you are dressed properly you can still have tons of fun playing outdoor paintball. Paintballs actually hurt less during the winter since you are wearing more clothing. Here are some additional tips for playing “winter ball”:

- Dress in layers –Wear a light glove on your trigger finger hand – Wear a walking boot or winter boot if possible, or bring an extra set of shoes to change into after playing –Ear bands are better than heavy toques.

Do Paintballs Hurt?

Yes there can be a “bee sting” like effect when being hit by a paintball. This can vary depending on where you are hit and from how far away it came. However there is a far greater “bee sting” effect from sports such as hockey, football, soccer, etc. We suggest 10 years of age and up when playing paintball. We have had a wide array of people play and enjoy paintball from 10 year old kids to “commando” moms and even “terminator” grandmas! Chest protectors and all necessary safety equipment is included with your entry fee. 




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