Rockstar Recording Studio Experience

  • 1 Person
  • 8 Hours
  • AB

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There's a knock on your door It's your Chauffeur, it's time to go to the studio.You sit back and relax, the supple leather car seat wraps around you. You help yourself to the complementary drinks and snacks.You look out through the tinted windows-you feel special. Your Chauffeur opens the door. He guides you through the state of the art recording studio.Every type of instrument can be seen, from Stratocaster guitars, to Ukuleles

You know this is a special place. Here is where your song will be born and nurtured.Together you and your highly experienced songwriter will write a song together.You discuss themes, genres-Rock?Pop?Blues?Is the song for anyone in particular?A friend?Partner? Family member?

You decide on the lyrics. You're happy, it's going to be awesome! The lyrics are done.It's time for some refreshments to get the creative juices flowing again.Next, the melody .You go through various options.Which instruments should you use?What's the pace of the song?Does it complement the lyrics?The melody is done. Catchy and memorable! The songs development is ready for the next stage

Your Chauffeur is ready to take you back home. You look out the tinted windows.Your heart is pounding, the song is flowing through your head.You're more excited at that moment then you have ever been. Your dream is coming true..

A couple of days later the Chauffeur knocks at your door. It's time to record the vocals, your vocals. In the vocal booth, you go through a couple of takes. The melody is perfect-fine tuned over the past couple of days by the talented musicians and engineers at the studio. Then you record your song. You live and breathe each word.It feels amazing. You hook it up and smash it. More refreshments!

The track is profesionally mixed- your awesome vocals complement the melody perfectly.It's showtime. The speaker volume is turned up. You're excited. You can't wait to hear your own song.You're given a CD copy. It plays... You smile...a big smile...

  • Chauffeur driven  to the recording studio (must live within 20km of studio)
  • Complementary drinks and snacks througout the day.
  • Record one song.
  • You and a studio songwriter will develop the song lyrics and music (Approx 4hrs)
  • The studio will then, using your input, produce all the necessary musical elements of the song.
  • You will then record the vocals of the song (Approx 3hrs).
  • The song will be then be professionally mixed and mastered by industry experts.
  • You'll receive a copy of the song on CD.


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