The Locked Room. Calgary

  • 1 Person
  • 1 Hour
  • Calgary,AB

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1 Room. 6 Players. One Way out. 60 Minutes. Can you Escape The Locked Room? The locked room or escape room experience is a real life escape experience designed for between 6-8 players. The inspiration comes from the japanese online game, "Takagism", where a group of players are locked in a room and must work together to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape. This incredibly popular worldwide game is now in Calgary.

This unique and memorable experience is guaranteed to keep you thinking well after you've had the experience!     

  • Price is for one person for one escape room.
  • You have 1 hour to escape from a room  before the timer runs out.
  • Choose from 4 themed rooms
  • Real life escape room.
  • Innovative and challenging puzzles and tasks.
  • Each game is designed for between 6 and 10 players
  • Location N Calgary 
  • Please try to book well in advance as places are subject to availability

N.E Calgary

Escape Room #1 (Max of 8 people)

Mutiny on the Seas - Room Outline 

Ah harghh there matey.Shiver me timbers! And shiver you will. Having upset the legendary parate ship captain, Mr Blackbeard,  you and your mateys have been locked in the brig.

Due to be questioned over your talk of mutiny you must now escape the confines of the brig or it's the plank for you!

Escape Room Rate 10%

Difficulty 9/10  

Escape Room #2 (Max of 6 people)

Gameover: An 8-bit Adventure  - Room Outline 

Gamemasters- Videoland summons you - We need your help! The evil forces have imprisoned our princess.  

Please save the princess through solving a series of locks and barriers that the forces of evil have used to imprison her. Only the princess holds the power to return you back to your own world

Escape Room Rate 25%

Difficulty 6/10

Escape Room #3 (Max of 6 people)

The Wine Cellar - Room Outline 

In his quest to make the world’s best wine esteemed winemaker Dr. Oddington Brewmeister has completely lost his mind.

He is convinced that the key to brewing a perfect batch is to take human blood and turn it into wine. Escape from his cellar or end up becoming the wine of the month at his next tasting.

Escape Room Rate 15%

Difficulty 7.5/10

Escape Room #4 (Max of 10 people) - Coming in May.

Dead Meat - Room Outline 

It has been two years since the Z-virus went global. You awake in a chamber with a bump on your head. The last thing you can remember is going on a supply run with the rest of your group.

Combing the room you see that you’re not alone, other survivors have been brought here. To your horror they inform you that you’ve been trapped by a group of cannibals. Will you be able to overcome this escape room or will you end up as “dead meat”?


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